Strategic online ministry book: Netcasters

Netcasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men Craig von Buseck B & H Publishing Group ISBN 978-0-8054-4784-2 June 2010 saw the publication of this very significant title which gives a broad overview of digital evangelism. It is a much-needed initiative, for there has been no comparable study like this since Andrew Careaga’s books […]

Being what they search for

I reported in our latest Web Evangelism Bulletin how Google can predict a flu outbreak in a particular town or area long before the medical authorities, based an upsurge in geographical searches about flu. Google has a unique*, mind-blowing direct line into the minds of the planet. (*With the exception of God, of course.) Try […]

Global evangelism and digital media

The Joshua Project has expressed progress in world evangelism using a Global Progress Scale. Different colors represent evangelism status. It would be interesting to create an overlay for this map showing digital penetration in the red (unreached) areas, because many of these have medium to high use of the Web and/or mobile phone ownership: • […]

Technology news and ideas

Much web and technology news is positioned for the web or computer professional. UK’s Guardian newspaper runs regular technology news online (and in Thursday’s print edition) pitched at the rest of us. Worth bookmarking. One recent and insightful feature was How laptops took over the world. “The availability of cheaper usable laptops, wifi, or 3G […]

Only with the-fangled interweb thingy

Before the Internet and YouTube, this was impossible – that a small-church wedding video could go viral, and then become the storyline for a major TV series: see The Office, the Wedding and the Power of the Internet – a blog posting from Mark Roberts. Look too at how the world of advertising has changed […]

The potential of mobile ministry

There are many innovative ways to use mobiles, as this article from NTEN explains. Some of these could have specific potential for evangelism, including the use of Bluetooth. And for a fascinating overview of mobile and technology development, (which you could also download and project in meetings or seminars), watch Did You Know 4.0:

Online training options for web ministry

Adrienne at the Computer Forensics Training blog has put together a remarkable list of 100 Open Courses to Make Yourself an Internet Whiz. These are free downloadable courses from major universities and training institutions, on a wide range of internet and communication topics. We also list other training options for different areas of web ministry […]

Technology and the generation gap

A new study by The Barna Group explores how technology is shaping different experiences and expectations among generations. I heard recently of a youth group where the chosen means of communicating within the membership, news of activities, etc, was via Facebook, because everyone was a member. Kelly Dolan asks at Neue Ministry blog how the […]