Language learning using the Web

It is said that the biggest single factor in Japanese coming to faith, has been taking English-learning classes run by Christians. There are various secular language-teaching systems that allow you to sign up as a mentor to help a learner. This is certainly an option for sensitive redemptive relationship-building. appears to enable such help. […]

Church ministry that engages with the community

More about doing PR, writing a good press release, and creating a website that is outsider friendly.

Our digital world

China’s mobile web usage grew 113% in 2008: Read more. See also Asia Media Notes’ analysis of various web trends in China. Blogging is incredibly popular in China: Read more. China does attempt to censor the Web – see this detailed analysis. Here’s a world map showing social networking preferences in differnt regions of the […]

How do people become Christians?

Two very helpful resources here: 1) The Gray Matrix Frank Gray’s modification of the Engel Scale is an incredibly useful pictorial tool: More on the Matrix 2) How Adults Become Christians Dave Bennett, UK National Director of Bridge Builders (formerly Pocket Testament Leaque) conducted this study by interviewing a range of lasting adult convert regarding […]

Funny or what?

H L Mencken defined Puritanism as ‘The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.’ How sad it is that Christians in general, and the bible in particular, have been frequently perceived as humorless. In fact, the bible, and the ministry of Jesus, are full of humor, and we are therefore mandated to use humor […]

What’s with the blogroll?

If you are not too familiar with blog style, the ‘blogroll’ list on the right contains blogs and audio podcasts that broadly relate to digital evangelism, communication and church ministry. These only get on the list if they are really really good. So when you have some spare time, check to see if any of […]

Mobile phones and evangelism or discipleship

Yesterday’s post highlighted the 1.5 billion web users, and prompted a comment about how many mobile phone users there are. Well, its a staggering 3+ billion, with for example more users in Africa than USA. Mobiles are contributing to development in remarkable ways in Africa and Asia. Japan and Korea whose mobile networks and handsets […]

Teaching web ministry in college

Very few bible colleges are yet including web ministry within their curricula – an issue we have written to colleges about using our Open Letter to Bible Colleges. Among these few are Regent College, and a course at Biola University being taught by Dave Bourgeois. Dave has been blogging about his thoughts on web ministry, […]

Music quiz

What is the most popular musical of all time? Les Miserables. How many people have watched this musical worldwide? Over 51 million. In how many languages? English, Norwegian, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, German and French. How many of them were likely to have been Christians? Small minority – ie. national average. […]

YouTube embedded clips on your site

You can actually link to a small portion of a video clip, rather than the whole thing: Read more And a major potential problem for sites embedding a clip using YouTube’s generic copy-and-paste coding: when the clip has finished, YouTube by default inserts a range of thumbnail links to other video clips it believes are […]