Enhance your communication – learn from Len

If you are a communicator of any sort, learn from the best. Len Wilson’s blog posts are full of wisdom to help us with better communication and storytelling, whatever our particular focus. Check our his blog at LenWilson.us. You will be glad you did! Subscribe to his updates. You will not regret it! Subscribe, share […]

Storytelling – key to effective communication

Helpful look at how and why storytelling works so well. Check other recent posts on storytelling. Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner email | + Feedly RSS or by Twitter: HELP! How Internet Evangelism Day can […]

Questions that release stories and space for change

Grounded questions, says Mark Strom in this short 16-min TED lecture, have the power to release stories, creative thought, and transformation. They are not yes/no questions, or even questions about facts or feelings. Mark’s insights are helpful in any area of life, work, or ministry. And here’s another explanation, from the Slideshare blog, of why […]

A new (to me) Christmas folk story from Germany and Ukraine. About spiders!

Out in a small town the other day, I stumbled upon a one-day Christmas market, and some hand-crafted glass jewelry caught my eye. Or, more specifically, beautiful hand-made spiders about 3 inches/8cms high, sitting over the other jewelry on display. I chose a spider for one of our daughters, and then the jewelry maker suddenly […]

Are you using the best method to communicate your message? What does research show?

There’s a magazine from my childhood which has hugely influenced my thinking since. And it wasn’t Superman comic! It was WHICH?, the magazine of the pioneering UK consumer group CA. In what is now a common worldwide concept, they buy and exhaustively test various consumer products, and choose a ‘best buy’, or a range of […]

Our stories shape us and our choices: insightful 15-minute talk by Phillipa Perry

Storytelling is increasingly being understood as the key to effective communication. But there are many aspects to storytelling. It is far wider than just, for example, using Bible storying, or sermon illustrations, or pointing up redemptive parallels in popular culture, or true life stories (ie. testimonies). Everyone views reality through the filters of their own […]

Understanding creatives, creativity resources

[Please Share] Creatives think and function differently to many of us. Understand them. Give them space. They are often the best communicators in your church or team. Or could be if you’d let them. See 18 Things Highly Creative People do Differently. Len Wilson is a Christian creative and storyteller with many insights. Check his […]

Kindle ebook from social media guru Erik Qualman

[Please share] Erik Qualman is the guy who produces the challenging video shorts on social media. You’ve probably seen them, his latest is below. Erik’s book: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube: PRIVACY is DEAD The NEW rules for business, personal, and family reputation is available free as a Kindle ebook from time to […]

French animation is a storytelling masterclass

[Please Share] For Christmas, I received a little gem – the DVD Tales of the Night by celebrated French animator Michel Ocelot. It’s based on the very simple device of story within story: a young man, woman and older technician meet in an abandoned cinema and collaborate together to create and act in (or perhaps […]

New contextualized evangelistic cartoon for India

[Please Share] Videos and animations are a key to sharing the good news in the Majority World. Yet the range of materials in other languages, and especially in a culturally-appropriate format, is shockingly limited. The YWAM School of Animation and Cartooning for Missions has just released an evangelistic animation called Coconuts ▼ Dave Hudson writes: And […]