Digital alters everything, everywhere, for everyone

“My two-year-old is teaching my one-year-old to use the iPad,” a Christian writer tweeted recently. As these two young ‘digital natives’ grow up, they will barely distinguish between online and offline, face-to-face or virtual. They will be unaware of that strange world just 20 years ago, which was almost untouched by digital media. They may […]

3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism: new shareable infographic from Global Mapping

[Please Share] Infographics are a great way to communicate a strategic visual overview of any topic. Global Mapping’s new series of mission-related infographics are very helpful. This month they have summarized some vital trends and opportunities for digital evangelism, in this ‘missiographic’ entitled 3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism ▼ Grateful thanks to GMI for creating this […]

Two more mobile apps for evangelism

[Please Share] Mobile is the most incredible opportunity for evangelism and discipleship, not least in the Majority World, where a mobile phone is perhaps the one piece of digital equipment that many people will ever own. Read other recent posts about these opportunities. Can your organization send a representative to the Mobile Ministry Consultation? […]

Video sketch shows that communication has changed for ever

[Please Share] Many companies, nonprofits, ministries, and churches, do not yet realise the whole context of communication has changed. Sadly, they will suffer for this. It’s now about two-way. Relationship. Discussion. Listening. And using storytelling too. As this video story shows ▼ Watch on YouTube Trying to bolt on a digital strategy which is just online […]

Getting the other 5 billion online: Zuckerberg’s incredible ambition

[Please Share] In a short video ► Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg introduces briefly his vision for – a project to get the entire Majority World online. But to learn more about the actual concept and vision, better to watch his CNN interview ▼ below, read about it, or see Zuckerberg’s 10-page PDF manifesto. Facebook, Wikipedia and World […]

What happens on the Internet each minute

[Please Share] It’s always mindblowing to get a sense of worldwide online activity like this. The infographic also makes an interesting comparison with the figures in this 2-year-old infographic. Online in 60 Seconds [Infographic] is an infographic produced by Qmee Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our […]

A new word enters the language: ‘phubbing’

[Please Share] It’s rare to see a new word born and taken into worldwide common usage within a month. But that’s what has happened with ‘phubbing’ – a contraction of ‘phone snubbing’. Invented by Australian Alex Haigh for his Stop Phubbing campaign, it describes the behavior of partially or entirely ignoring someone you are with, […]

Browse the latest resources in Web Evangelism Bulletin

[Please Share] If you don’t subscribe to the Web Evangelism Bulletin (twice monthly by email), you may like to browse the last two issues online below. You can get a summary email each issue using Feedburner. I read and follow many links that are in the Bulletin. I look forward to getting it and save […]

People always wanted to connect electronically, even in 1969

Social media, in its widest sense, goes back beyond the beginning of the Internet, as this infographic explains. It is not a passing digital fad. People have always wanted the opportunity to interact electronically. Social media is perhaps the defining communication movement of this century, and highly significant for sharing the good news – if […]

Conversation-starting video short from Igniter

[Please Share] Another conversation-starting thought-provoking video from Igniter: Not enough evangelism is ‘far enough back’, at the point where people actually are. Videos like this start questions, rather than serving out answers. You can share Vimeo and YouTube videos like this on Facebook and other social media by clicking the on-video share link (how-to): On […]