Reaching hurting people with a Facebook community group

Guest blog post by the team One of our ministry goals is to make sure that we create relevant and responsive content. This includes creating articles, videos – even something as seemingly simple as social media posts – that are so engaging that our readers are just compelled to respond! Lately, we’ve been working […]

Is your church website address this big?

If your church website is prioritized for outsiders (as it surely should be – Col. 4:5), then naturally you will want to attract many to your site. See these parable stories about church sites: Desperately Seeking Lodgers | Stonylands Golf Club. There are various ways to tell people, including contact cards, search engine optimization, and paid-for Google AdWords […]

A ministry library: free ebooks on church, digital ministry and tech

There sometimes is a free lunch. Here’s a range of free ebooks to download. For some, your ‘payment’ is to sign up for an email newsletter, which of itself may give you further help and guidance. Free eBook: Be The Church: Discipleship & Mission Made Simple, when you sign up Verge Network’s free email updates. […]

How you can help silver surfers catch the waves

There was a time, not so long ago, when web usage in the West was quite low for the over-65 demographic. But no longer, as the infographic below shows. Many of these ‘silver surfers’ are opting for tablets | more. Studies also show that being online has big benefits for older people who live alone, […]

Realtime webstats ticker and two good-news video shorts to share in June

I always find these sorts of real-time ticking web-stats quite fascinating. Each represents a real person doing something right now! This is the medium that is on our desk, or in our pocket 24/7! It is the medium that will allow us to share the #GoEverywhere video on Sunday 8 June, or this football video […]

Understanding media and evangelism – Phil Cooke conversation video

[Please Share] Lots of challenging wisdom from Phil Cooke | @PhilCooke, author of Creative Christian Media, on creatives, media, culture, storytelling, film, evangelism and effective communication. Here are 18 minutes of high-value insights – do make the time to watch over the weekend. A Conversation With Phil Cooke from Future of the Church on Vimeo. […]

Latest Qualman ‘Socialnomics’ video short released today

[Please Share] Erik Qualman has done it again. Released his latest annual iteration of his view of the state of social media, as a 3-minute YouTube summary: Watch on YouTube Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner […]

Free ebook: Why Every Leader Must Blog

Blogger Rodlie Ortiz is offering a free ebook to all those who follow his blog. In his book Why Every Leader Must Blog: 7 Reasons To Start Now & 11 Tips To Get You Started, his contention is an established one – that what we sit down to consider, think around, and write about, we […]

Using hashtags effectively: infographic

Helpful infographic from Huffington Post on using hashtags effectively: Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner email | + Feedly RSS or by Twitter: HELP! How Internet Evangelism Day can help YOU and your church. Please help […]

GMI infographics now easily embedded in your site or blog

[Please Share] You can now embed any of the monthly GMI missiographics (mission-related infographics) into your website or blog using the easy-to-copy code provided on each infographic page. Below is what the code for the Internet Evangelism infographic produces. To embed on your page, just click through to their site and copy the code across. […]