Enhance your communication – learn from Len

If you are a communicator of any sort, learn from the best. Len Wilson’s blog posts are full of wisdom to help us with better communication and storytelling, whatever our particular focus. Check our his blog at LenWilson.us. You will be glad you did! Subscribe to his updates. You will not regret it! Subscribe, share […]

Reading trends and needs in Africa

To understand people’s reading habits is to get a glimpse into their lives. This infographic from GMI gives you insight into the bookmarks that highlight the patterns of African Christian readers in three countries (Kenya, Angola and Central African Republic). Explore data on reading frequency, favorite authors and trends from the African Leadership Study. Then […]

Amazing mobile phones and the next billion Internet users

Memorably, the first spoken words in the first movie with a (partially) synchronized soundtrack were, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” (in The Jazz Singer). In the world of digital phones access especially in the Majority World, we have barely seen anything yet! Did I ever mention this before? This […]

How you can help silver surfers catch the waves

There was a time, not so long ago, when web usage in the West was quite low for the over-65 demographic. But no longer, as the infographic below shows. Many of these ‘silver surfers’ are opting for tablets | more. Studies also show that being online has big benefits for older people who live alone, […]

Africa infographic: last 20 years, next 20 years

The latest infographic from GMI (below) charts the huge changes in Africa over the last 20 years, and also highlights the growth of mobile phone access from zero to near universal. The huge benefits to Africa of improved communication through mobile and the Internet have been covered frequently in many blogs and reports – economic […]

The impact of education globally: infographic

Education is a vital catalyst for positive change. Access to schooling is, for example, a major reason that Scotland punches above its weight on the world stage, because that country had virtually free and universal primary education, centuries before the rest of UK. The new opportunities for digital distance-learning in Christian discipleship are beginning to […]

Latest Qualman ‘Socialnomics’ video short released today

[Please Share] Erik Qualman has done it again. Released his latest annual iteration of his view of the state of social media, as a 3-minute YouTube summary: Watch on YouTube Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner […]

Did you believe digital usage was this wide? Opportunities for ministry

[Please Share] If you want to get a sense of the remarkable penetration of digital media around the world, or use some of these slides in seminars to present the challenge of digital ministry worldwide, this is for you: Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014) from We Are Social Singapore Subscribe, share […]

Africa internet and mobile use: infographic

These stats are already out of date, but you get the incredible picture! For more detail, download this free 43-page PDF ebook Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology from Pew Research. Digital is a major key to leverage all types of existing evangelism and discipleship, not least in the Majority World. It’s easier to equip […]

iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives – new book by Craig Detweiler

[Please Share] Communication scholar, film-maker, and cultural commentator Craig Detweiler’s new book iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives (Brazos Press 2013) should be essential reading for any Christian interested in the impact of contemporary technology on their faith. In one of the most thorough and eclectic studies I have encountered, Detweiler examines […]