Enhance your communication – learn from Len

If you are a communicator of any sort, learn from the best. Len Wilson’s blog posts are full of wisdom to help us with better communication and storytelling, whatever our particular focus. Check our his blog at LenWilson.us. You will be glad you did! Subscribe to his updates. You will not regret it! Subscribe, share […]

Leading change – wisdom from Phil Cooke in Lausanne seminar

We live in a ‘culture of unlimited choice’, with thousands of messages being communicated to us through a plethora of media platforms. Phil Cooke discusses how ministries and organizations can clearly communicate their cause in this ‘cluttered’ digital age. This Lausanne 43-minute seminar is worth your investment of time, whether you are a church leader, […]

Are you a maven*? Do you want to publish curated content?

It’s an obvious truth that you should only write about what you know, and what enthuses you. The CopyBlogger infographic below gives you guidance and ideas about how you might write a curated email newsletter. On anything. See also What can I curate? Many of these choices apply equally to curating a visual topic on […]

A language that Christians mostly refuse to translate text into

English is unique in being a world language. In a review of new book What is English? And Why Should We Care? (Tim William Machan, OUP), London Times columnist and language-use expert Oliver Kamm writes: …debates over the nature and purpose of English are longstanding. It’s not only the language but its speakers who are […]

Questions that release stories and space for change

Grounded questions, says Mark Strom in this short 16-min TED lecture, have the power to release stories, creative thought, and transformation. They are not yes/no questions, or even questions about facts or feelings. Mark’s insights are helpful in any area of life, work, or ministry. And here’s another explanation, from the Slideshare blog, of why […]

“You win, infographics!” Print: not so quick

“You win, infographics!” In communicating overall concepts quickly and simply, visual beats text. Learn how churches can use infographics, which apply also to non-profits and other teams. More about infographics. When creating a slide presentation, we must think visual, not text. See this helpful guide to effective visual slide presentations. Source: Rickmann’s Posterous Subscribe, share […]

Get on board the mobile train to Africa and beyond

Digital is transforming Africa and Asia. The speed of change even surprised a mission staffer who returned for a short visit to his former West African country, and saw just how widespread digital had become: Africa is changing! Cassettes and CDs are beginning to disappear. In two weeks of teaching the Bible, there were numerous […]

Starting with the why – how to inspire action

TED lectures are frequently a mine of wisdom. Check Simon Sinek explaining a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” Watch both Simon’s talks on TED. Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by […]

Is your church website address this big?

If your church website is prioritized for outsiders (as it surely should be – Col. 4:5), then naturally you will want to attract many to your site. See these parable stories about church sites: Desperately Seeking Lodgers | Stonylands Golf Club. There are various ways to tell people, including contact cards, search engine optimization, and paid-for Google AdWords […]

Which is the most popular TED lecture? Ever

Do you know who is the most popular TED lecturer ever? He beats the second-most popular by more than 50%, and 9 million views. His name is not Bono or Gates. (See top-20 list.) He’s a British educationalist – Sir Ken Robinson. His contention is that creativity is as important as literacy. Watch his TED […]