Using powerful online opportunities before Christmas

I‘ve had to switch radio stations more than once recently, to avoid wall-to-wall Christmas music starting right at the beginning of December. Too much, too soon! But, out in cyberworld, many millions of non-Christians around the world are already searching online for Christmas-related topics, be it the origin of Christmas, Christmas customs around the world, […]

A new (to me) Christmas folk story from Germany and Ukraine. About spiders!

Out in a small town the other day, I stumbled upon a one-day Christmas market, and some hand-crafted glass jewelry caught my eye. Or, more specifically, beautiful hand-made spiders about 3 inches/8cms high, sitting over the other jewelry on display. I chose a spider for one of our daughters, and then the jewelry maker suddenly […]

Christmas – not too late to use outsider-friendly pages and videos in your church site, blog or social media

Christmas represents an incredible opportunity to dialogue with outsiders, both as a part of church’s digital strategy, and for individual online Jesus-followers. It’s not too late to plan and use the many resources already available, including video shorts and free-to-reproduce articles. Which reminds me of a cartoon, by the great political cartoonist Papas, that appeared […]

The thin space of Christmas

Please share widely: In the Celtic Christian tradition, ‘thin spaces’ are times and places where the spiritual and the natural world intersect – occasions when it is possible to reach out and be touched by God. Christmas, even in our post-christendom world, is such a thin space. Even despite the western consumer-fest of Christmas, even […]

Christmas according to Peanuts. And puppets

Takes you back? Peanuts for ever! Nice. Followed by the Christmas story, sung by puppets to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody, called, err, Bethlehemian Rhapsody… Watch at YouTube: Watch on GodTube: Bethlehemian Rhapsody Get embed code More Christmas videos and ideas. Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get […]

Creative Christmas presentations and resources

Please share… Creative ways of telling the Christmas story… here’s the winning entry by beat-boxing minister Gavin Tyte to the UK TV’s ITN Nativity Factor video clip competition: Natwivity If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you may like to sign up for the Natwivity Christmas tweet stream, telling the Christmas story through the whimsical […]

Looking back at Christmas

Mary (Tatiana Maslany) and Joseph (Andrew Buchan) welcome a new arrival. BBC. The BBC 4-part serial Nativity aired in the week before Christmas to wide acclaim. If it was not screened in your country, doubtless it will available on DVD before long. I am among those who often find screen retellings of Bible stories tedious: […]

Evangelism at Christmas

Digital can enhance the ways we share the good news in a Christmas context: OurChurch blog post explains 25 ways to promote your church’s Christmas service with social media. Web evangelist Rusty Wright offers free ‘skeptic-friendly’ evangelistic articles for re-use in print and online. These include three new articles specifically related to Christmas. Check his […]

Hallelujah Chorus flashmob at Macy’s

What happened when a flashmob – actually the Opera Company of Philadelphia – burst into song at Macy’s department store? Story within article from To The Source on the Madness of Materialism: shoppers get a “surprise demonstration that materialism is patently false”. And here’s another flashmob doing the same thing in a food court in […]

Christmas: not just your ordinary shepherds and lambs

Until recently, I had spent a lifetime not knowing that the Bethlehem shepherds were not just ordinary shepherds. And the lambs they raised were not just ordinary lambs. At least, the first-born males weren’t. For the hill country around Bethlehem was the breeding area of lambs for the Temple sacrifices. So there’s added resonance for […]