French animation is a storytelling masterclass

[Please Share] For Christmas, I received a little gem – the DVD Tales of the Night by celebrated French animator Michel Ocelot. It’s based on the very simple device of story within story: a young man, woman and older technician meet in an abandoned cinema and collaborate together to create and act in (or perhaps […]

Evangelistic C2C story app is now on iOS

[Please Share] Good to be able to report on an addition to the growing number of directly evangelistic smartphone apps. Very simple in concept, it is a digital flipbook – a series of visual graphics depicting key elements in the overarching biblical narrative, on which users can build their own verbal explanation and discussion (or […]

New contextualized evangelistic cartoon for India

[Please Share] Videos and animations are a key to sharing the good news in the Majority World. Yet the range of materials in other languages, and especially in a culturally-appropriate format, is shockingly limited. The YWAM School of Animation and Cartooning for Missions has just released an evangelistic animation called Coconuts ▼ Dave Hudson writes: And […]

New phone app for children – free for Internet Evangelism Day

New smartphone app for children: The Most Important Story Ever Told has just been released by MIS (Most Important Story), the international children’s ministry, based on their evangelistic book of the same name. For the month of April, to mark Internet Evangelism Day, the team are generously offering this app FREE (normal price $1.99). Currently […]

Watch Paperman here – Disney Oscar free short animation

Thanks to Disney for releasing their 6-minute short animation Paperman completely free to watch below, embed or download. (And it won an Oscar for best animation.) Unfortunately, since it won an Oscar, they seem to have withdrawn some of the free ones, or allow them to be embedded. Check this one, or search YouTube. Paperman […]

The incredible power of the two-minute video clip

[Please Share] Since its launch in 2005 (history), YouTube has grown to be the definitive place to find and share video shorts. By 2012, 60 minutes of new video content were being posted to YouTube every minute, with over 2 billion videos viewed worldwide each day. It’s the default place to post short clips, with […]

Watch Oscar & other prize-winning video animations or shorts

In all the hype about the Oscars, and the deserved accolades for The Artist, you may have missed the Oscar for best animation. It went to The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, a quirky allegory about the healing nature of story. (And due to be released as a bookand phone app.) Watch the […]

Arrietty is a winner: Studio Ghibli’s quality once again

[Please share] Regular readers of this blog will have noticed an occasional tendency to enthuse about the Japanese animé films from Studio Ghibli. So here we go again! Arrietty is their latest. Released in Japan in 2010, it came to Europe in early 2011 and UK/Australia in July. Now, finally, North America gets it too […]

Animated shorts communicate. In a special way

This charming animated short illustrates some of the strengths of the genre to communicate well, especially without using dialogue. Animator Wesley Lewis has previously worked on Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist. Watch at Vimeo Drawing Inspiration from Wesley Louis on Vimeo. Animated snapshot stories like this allow the audience to create their own mental narrative and […]

Animation tells story like nothing else

Because animation is not photo-realism, it takes us into a magic parallel world of our imagination where anything is possible. Watch this 9-minute animation short Invention of Love. Watch on YouTube Could you use animations like this as conversation starters around areas of Christian truth and the Good News? By posting on Facebook? In a […]