The Michael Jackson phenomenon

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Just three brief comments relating to the worldwide reaction to Jackson’s untimely death:

  1. I can only remember five such worldwide uber-grief reactions to an individual’s death in my lifetime, one each decade: Kennedy, Presley, Lennon, Diana and now Jackson. This is the first one where the online media played the prime news role, as Jeremy Wagstaff blogs here. Some websites struggled with overload as a result.
  2. It is very very hard to get over being told as a child by a close family member that, for instance, your complexion and nose shape are wrong. Even if it were in jest. Even if you treated it as a joke at the time.
  3. There was a report on the Mary Mary blog that Jackson had turned to God three weeks before he died. This posting has now been removed, and seems to relate to an optimistic interpretation of the fact that Andrae Crouch DID pray with Jackson recently, but Crouch says it was not a prayer for salvation. We can nevertheless hope that perhaps it was indicating an openness by Jackson to make further steps.

    We do wish that there could be a popular music outreach site comparable to, as we propose here, and it could minister to Jackson fans at this time.

    So pray for people in the public eye. Being an idol is a nightmare.

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