Incredible new video-clip sharing outreach tool

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Christian media producer CVC is exploiting the exponential growth of social media and online video. Their new website offers Christians a categorised range of third-party evangelistic video clips. Here at last is a one-stop source of approved conversation-starting video clips we can easily share on Facebook (or other social media), embed in a blog, or download to a smartphone to share one-to-one.

This resource is strategic and powerful, because it combines the power of visual story as video clips, with the opportunity to start conversations within an existing social network of relationships. I cannot over-stress its significance for biblical, relational, discussion-based evangelism.

At last! And no technical knowledge needed

Of course, posting video clips into Facebook is not new, but up to now, few people would have known where to find suitable video clips, or even how to add them to Facebook along with their own introductory comments. At last, here is a one-stop site for every Christian Facebook user, that requires zero technical knowledge.

Why not take 5 minutes to demonstrate live on digital projector to your church members during a meeting? And share it as widely as you can – you are welcome to republish this blog post. Join their Facebook Group too. The team are planning more developments and enhancements which will be announced there.

Read’s brochure and news release.

Try it out, and add your feedback using the ‘Comment’ link below. Avoid the temptation to overkill! Less is more. Choose clips wisely, and post appropriately. Not-yet-Christian Facebook friends are unlikely to feel positively about a constant stream of new clips. Neither do they want to sense that they are your ‘project’. Video is not a substitute for relationship building.

4-min video about

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5 comments to Incredible new video-clip sharing outreach tool

  • Tony, thanks for blogging about Lots of great evangelistic content I hadn’t see before. Well organized. I can see this being really useful. Glad to see they’re developing a mobile app for it as well.

  • This looks like a good resource, thanks for sharing. My only thought is that it’s a shame the logo is such a blatant copy of YouTube – Christians don’t have to copy something for it to be good!

  • This is encouraging! Thanks for sharing. I will RT & post to help it get traction. I actually like that the logo mimics YouTube. I think it’s clever and sets up a great marketing point—yes, there is an alternative (a well-done) one to YouTube that can compete with the mega-destination of YouTube. I think the marketing jump for teens especially won’t be as wide.

    Love that God’s people are rising up to get in the conversation in meaningful, relevant, & POWERFUL ways. To God be all glory! Let’s help each other bring His Kindom here!

  • What a great resource for Christians! We need to keep on working together to redeem technology for God’s glory, and keep spreading tools like these to other Christians and churches. That’s our goal at Christech as well. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to seeing what the mobile apps look like in the future…

    He is worth it (yes He is !).

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