New evangelistic phone app in Spanish

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Samuel De Jesús is the leader of the digital ministry He’s a frequent speaker at the September COICOM Hispanic conferences in S. America. He writes,

“I would like to share with the whole Internet Evangelism
community, with great joy, that we finally have our Mensajes de Fe app (Android and Apple versions) ready for the world!

The app menu options offer:

  1. Ver Mensaje de Fe (God’s Plan for Salvation) – it allows the user to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and provide contact information for follow-up
  2. Enviar Mensaje: this tool allows the user to share the app with one or all contacts
  3. Nuestra Pagina (Our page): links the user to our evangelistic web page
  4. Buscar Iglesias (Church finder):uses GPS and Google Maps/Google Places technology
  5. Siguenos en Twitter (Follow us on Twitter): only available on the Android version
  6. Sobre Nosotros (About Us) – links the user to our ministry’s web page

Please help us and let the Internet Evangelism community know about this project!!! (You can copy this article and the graphics to use on your site, blog or newsletter.) For us, this is really like a dream come true.”

Download the app: Amazon Android Market | iTunes App Store

More mobile resources

  • Other evangelistic apps available: Talking About Jesus | Creation to Christ | JESUS Film.
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  • Of course, any smartphone user can also keep their own choice of downloaded video clips on their phone – conversation-starters or presentations to use in the context of a one-to-one discussion. Sources of video clips include Damaris (relating to popular culture), Focus (apologetics), YesHeIs (in various languages) and Global Short Film Network (conversation-starting, often short parable-like stories). Many video shorts on YouTube also have a download option, enabling you to build your own library of video shorts, which of course can also be projected in meetings, youth groups, etc.
  • This new tool AppMachine sounds like it will boost the ability of non-profits and ministries to create mobile apps. “…perhaps the most powerful ‘create your own mobile app’ product we’ve seen,” says The Next Web team.
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  • Hush your Android phone automatically with this app.
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