Enhance your communication – learn from Len

If you are a communicator of any sort, learn from the best. Len Wilson’s blog posts are full of wisdom to help us with better communication and storytelling, whatever our particular focus. Check our his blog at LenWilson.us. You will be glad you did! Subscribe to his updates. You will not regret it! Subscribe, share […]

Using powerful online opportunities before Christmas

I‘ve had to switch radio stations more than once recently, to avoid wall-to-wall Christmas music starting right at the beginning of December. Too much, too soon! But, out in cyberworld, many millions of non-Christians around the world are already searching online for Christmas-related topics, be it the origin of Christmas, Christmas customs around the world, […]

AIDS: More To Do

In a world full of huge challenges, we all want to declare “Mission Accomplished,” check things off our list and move on. Many have done just that with AIDS. But should that be our response? We have made so much progress, but there is still more to do in combatting AIDS globally. You can embed […]

Free community resources for new Captive movie

Ethos Media are continuing with the Damaris Trust approach: examining new film releases as a conversation-starting gateway to truth. Their new downloadable resources for the film Captive are now available from ethosmedia.org/captive. In March 2005, Ashley Smith made headlines around the globe when she talked her way out of the hands of Brian Nichols, after […]

The Parting Gift – new short outreach film for Android and Apple smartphones/tablets

A Simple Tool For Sharing Your Faith In A Powerful Way! A 6 minute short film embedded within a guided explanation of the gospel. Works without the Internet and tracks your progress with helpful statistics. Free training resources available now at wondergatefilms.com, easily equip yourself, your friends, or your church to share the gospel today! […]

Understanding the challenge of refugees: infographic

The last few years have seen a tragic upsurge in refugee movements. This new GMI ‘missiographic’ explains the situation, and can also be embedded into any webpage. Stepping Beyond the Tents Every 4 seconds someone is forced to flee their home. These refugees are vulnerable and without long-term options. Many struggle in significant ways. A […]

Leading change – wisdom from Phil Cooke in Lausanne seminar

We live in a ‘culture of unlimited choice’, with thousands of messages being communicated to us through a plethora of media platforms. Phil Cooke discusses how ministries and organizations can clearly communicate their cause in this ‘cluttered’ digital age. This Lausanne 43-minute seminar is worth your investment of time, whether you are a church leader, […]

Reading trends and needs in Africa

To understand people’s reading habits is to get a glimpse into their lives. This infographic from GMI gives you insight into the bookmarks that highlight the patterns of African Christian readers in three countries (Kenya, Angola and Central African Republic). Explore data on reading frequency, favorite authors and trends from the African Leadership Study. Then […]

Digital outreach training days: London, Tirana, Accra, your town?

One of the best ways to envision people to see the potential of digital evangelism and ministry: draw them together for a training day in their locality, or their own church. The international team called Indigitous, a broad umbrella of CRU (formerly CCCI) team members, is very active in setting up training days across Africa, […]

Storytelling – key to effective communication

Helpful look at how and why storytelling works so well. Check other recent posts on storytelling. Subscribe, share & re-use . . . GET UPDATES BY EMAIL & TWITTER Get our blog posts by email, once or twice a week: Feedburner email | + Feedly RSS or by Twitter: HELP! How Internet Evangelism Day can […]